Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals contemplating for major digital transformation using cloud

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In an exclusive interaction with Dataquest, Vishal Gupta, CIO, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, shared his views and vision on today’s scenario of continuously changing technology landscape in the pharmaceutical sector and how Sify is helping in understanding its various business requirements.


In what ways is your organization modernizing its IT Infrastructure?

Since we are in such industry, there are no rooms for so called ‘down-time’ or ‘errors’. IT Infrastructure is one of the core pillars to facilitate us in providing high standards of health services.


Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, over the years, has pioneered the art of innovation not only in delivering world class medical treatment and patient care but also remains on the forefront when it comes to innovation in information technology.

In today’s scenario of continuously changing technology landscape, we are constantly working to keep up with the pace and all this not just for the sake of innovation but in a planned way to assist and contribute in the efficient delivery of effective and quality patient care.

This year we are planning to have a major digital transformation using virtualization, software defined data center and migration on cloud wherever possible.


Are you in the process of transforming your data center for modern workloads?

We have a modern and a well-equipped data center and it’s under constant upgradation time to time, to be ready to handle modern workloads. Establishing compliance to the routine activities in a hospital environment has always been a challenge; since there are various departments and processes (clinical and non-clinical) involved in providing holistic patient care. Also, in healthcare the need of storage, connectivity and speed is growing on a tremendous pace and has to be proactively aligned.

How has Sify helped you to understand and address key business issues?


Since Apollo is digital medical facility with advanced IT applications in all clinical and non-clinical business functions, it’s imperative to select a right technology partner and Sify is one of them.

As I mentioned, connectivity is core to our business since we have centralized clinical application, Sify helped in a big way to ensure zero downtime. Sify has not just been a partner but an associate and has significantly helped in understanding our business requirement and their offerings have always been aligned.

What are your expectations from Sify?


Sify being a brand in connectivity and bandwidth, there are expectation to map their solutions to support our business continuity and disaster recovery program. Hosting of layer two applications would also be in the agenda, since Sify is not a typical product selling company and concerns to reduce customer’s pain points.

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