Apollo Hospital: Vaulting to Success

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Srinivasan, Apollo Hospital

Delhi-based Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, part of a large chain of hospitals,

has been India's poster boy for modern healthcare services. The automation

initiatives have been one of the key factors that have helped the hospital

revolutionize healthcare services delivery in the country.

IT has been helpful in instilling patient's confidence in terms of hospital's

accuracy, reliability and speedy/efficient treatment. At the heart of Apollo's

IT set-up is its core application of Hospital Information System (HIS). HIS is

the single integrated application, which is automated to take care of each

department and is the single application window with several modules for all the

medical care departments. The software automates the entire process, right from

the point of the patient's admission to his/her discharge. For finance

functions, the hospital uses Tally software.


Another key application for the hospital is Medclick, which is essentially a

medical drugs library. With this application, the doctor can simply post the

generic name and, automatically, all the products listed will be shown. So, if a

particular brand is not available, the doctor can recommend an alternative brand

just by looking at the list.

IT crucially aligned to the hospital's day-to-day operations, but even the

critical equipment for patient care work on PCs and servers. Time is a very

critical factor in the delivery of healthcare services, and automation helps

manage it with by reducing manual handling.

Indraprastha Apollo started its call center initiative in 2004 with an

in-house developed package. Presently, its functionality is restricted to being

an information center, passing information related to the hospital and its

services to the callers. It's now working on building on this base model, and

will be introducing its toll-free number services in the next few months. A key

landmark in the hospital's IT set-up has been its telemedicine initiative.

This allows patients in remote locations to have access to the hospital's

medical resources and expertise. The initiative has helped in giving an edge to

both the doctors and patients in terms of availability of speedy and quality

treatment. This service is currently available at more than 50 centres across

India, and overseas as well.



Enterprise wide MIS system

- Complete process automation

- Call center to pass information related to services

- Telemedicine initiatives



Wi-Fi services

- Corporate Intranet

Indraprastha Apollo hospital plans to integrate with all the other Apollo

Group hospitals, and is also planning Wi-Fi services for providing internet

access to the patients. As part of the broader initiative, work is underway on

implementing an intranet for the employees and doctors to have easy access to

shared information like policies and procedures.