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The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, best known for handing

out the Daytime Emmy Awards, is soon expected to announce an award category to

recognize original video content for computers, cellphones, and other handheld

devices like the video iPod and PlayStation Portable.


The academy already hands out a technical achievement award for new media.

But this will be the first time the group has recognized original content for

cellphones and other devices.

Already several studios are experimenting with creating serials for mobile

phones, many derived from programs already shown on television. The academy

hopes the new category will draw attention to a rapidly growing business

expected to expand further.

"Television is transforming into moving images anytime, anywhere,"

said Peter Price, president of the academy. Price said the academy would

announce the new category soon, when his group will announce that it is

accepting nominations for the 27th Annual Sports Emmy Awards, which will be

given out on May 1, 2006. Price planned to discuss the new category with sports

programming executives. The category will not be included in the prime-time Emmy

Awards, which are overseen by a sister organization.



academy is following in the footsteps of film festival organizers in giving out

new-media film awards. Most recently, cellphone maker Motorola sponsored a

mobile-movie category at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Price said the academy came up with the idea for the new category when its

awards committee met in early October. Committee members had noticed reports

suggesting that consumers were getting more entertainment from cellphones and

handheld devices.

Source: The New York Times