And now smartphones develop 'self-healing'

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The California Institute of Technology has developed a self healing integrated chip which can be imbeeded into your smatphones and laptops.

With help of these chips, smartphones or computers can repair and defend themselves on the fly, recovering in microseconds from problems ranging from less-than-ideal battery power to total transistor failure.

This innovation can help consumers save lot of money on getting their phones and computers and laptops repaired at service centers.

This new technology will be a relief for mnay consumers and save their time and effort.

According to media reports, the team demonstrated this self-healing capability in tiny power amplifiers, which are so small, in fact, that 76 of the chips could fit on a single penny!

"It was incredible the first time the system kicked in and healed itself. It felt like we were witnessing the next step in the evolution of integrated circuits," said Ali Hajimiri, the Thomas G Myers Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech as quoted in media reports.

Engineers wanted to give integrated-circuit chips a healing ability akin to that of our own immune system-something capable of detecting and quickly responding to any number of possible assaults in order to keep the larger system working optimally.

The power amplifier they devised employs a multitude of robust, on-chip sensors that monitor temperature, current, voltage, and power. The information from those sensors feeds into a custom-made application-specific integrated-circuit (ASIC) unit on the same chip, a central processor that acts as the "brain" of the system.

The brain analyses the amplifier's overall performance and determines if it needs to adjust any of the system's actuators-the changeable parts of the chip.

Looking at 20 different chips, the team found that the amplifiers with the self-healing capability consumed about half as much power as those without, and their overall performance was much more predictable and reproducible.