American Power Conversion

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  • Earned revenues of Rs 132 crore
  • Commenced manufacturing at Bangalore plant

American Power Conversion India is a wholly ownedsubsidiary of American Power Conversion Inc, USA. DQ estimates that the company closed1999-2000 with a total revenue of Rs 132 crore, a growth of 17% over theprevious fiscal. The company commenced its manufacturing activities from itsmanufacturing plant in Bangalore. The company, which was primarilyknown as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) unit vendor in the country,repositioned itself as a power solutions company through the launch of a widerange of products. These included line interactive and online intelligent UPSsystems, power management software, UPS accessories, surge suppressors, dataline and power line.

COUNTRY GM: Anand Iyer START-UP YEAR: 1994 PRODUCTS& SERVICES: UPS systems TECHNICAL COLLABORATIONS: APC Inc, USA (parentcompany) ADDRESS: 27 Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560 001 TEL: 221 3798, 221 3847FAX: 221 3816 WEBSITE: