American Megatrends Eyes Customized Applications Market

BIOS major American Megatrends based in Atlanta and with development
and design centres in Chennai is betting big on the customised mobile
applications market. To this end the company has created a new division
called the Mobile Applications Group and will work on Android and
Windows Mobile platforms.
The group will build solutions that will focus on mobile, Internet and
convergence solutions space. These solutions will facilitate the
convergence of Android based Netbooks and smart phones.

To begin with the new division will concentrate on Android and Windows
Mobile and work on apps meant for consumers like business mail client,
travel apps etc. In time the group will also support OEMs by providing
solutions such a board support packages, device driver development and
boot loaders. The division will also look into custom application
development in mobile platforms for OEMs and secondary market.

The division has already rolled out its first product called
‘The Daak’, which is a mail client and using this
one can access Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/07 through their Android
phones. So it supports MS Exchange Server and runs on Android Cupcake
1.5 and Donut 1.6. In terms of security it uses a similar method as in
Outlook Web Access and is SSL compatible. Once the users download Daak
they need to configure their respective exchange servers and Daak right
now works only with MS Exchange Server.

With Android phones getting into the market, the apps market is the one
that will make this Mobile OS more usable with third party apps. To
that end solutions like Daak acts as a bridge in connecting to the
Windows platform.  According to the company sources it says
the market for convergence solutions will boom in the days ahead once
OS’ like Android becomes more pervasive. Moreover with
predominant number of users tied up with Windows will look at apps that
can talk with their Windows programs from a
non windows platform. The company has put in place an aggressive
strategy to roll out many mobile applications in the convergence space.
American Megatrends has carved a niche in the BIOS and the diagnostic
market and is recognised as one of the leaders and innovators in the
embedded space.

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