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Amdocs partners with Linux Foundation to accelerate OpenECOMP adoption in Open Source

Amdocs, the provider of digital customer experience solutions, announced that it will partner with the Linux Foundation to accelerate the global adoption of the open source Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) platform. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, this new project will make ECOMP open source available to service providers and cloud developers in 2017.

AT&T have previously announced their plan to build a global community around ECOMP and said it was working with the Linux Foundation as the host for this open source initiative. Since this announcement, both Bell Canada and Orange have released endorsements of the standard. Amdocs will play a role of key contributing member in the new Linux Foundation project, bringing significant software development capabilities and industry expertise to drive industry adoption of OpenECOMP.

“By deploying OpenECOMP, service providers can move from today’s appliance-based, proprietary networks to easily configurable and scalable software-based networks and associated services. These software-driven networks will allow carriers to be much quicker with new service introduction and provide an improved connectivity and service experience to their customers,” said Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “Having co-developed important modules to be contributed to OpenECOMP, we are in a position to help customers achieve an early advantage in leveraging OpenECOMP for service innovation.”

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, Amdocs will be showcasing a wide range of virtualized services from its NFV partner ecosystem

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