Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor Advocates for Innovative Approaches to Rural Development

Explore Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor's visionary insights on rural development, emphasizing scalable, measurable approaches.

Aanchal Ghatak
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Rural Development

In an exclusive interview, Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor, Former Ambassador & Secretary, GOI, a distinguished figure in the Indian Foreign Service, shares insights on transformative strategies for rural development. With a career spanning continents and collaborations with leaders worldwide, Ambassador Kapoor emphasizes the need for a dynamic, inclusive approach to empower rural communities. His vision, outlined in the Ideal Village Conference, promises a scalable, measurable, and technologically-driven model for sustainable growth. Read on to discover how Ambassador Kapoor's extensive experience and initiatives with the Wheels Foundation are poised to redefine rural development in India and beyond.


Could you please tell our readers about yourself?

I am Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor. I have worked in the Indian Foreign Service as a diplomat and as an ambassador in almost all the continents of the world, closely with Indian Prime Ministers, including Shri Atal ji, and with numerous presidents and prime ministers from various countries. I've had the privilege to work for our country, India, in different places and countries, fostering relations with regions across the globe. Following my diplomatic career, I continued to work in various capacities, including as a strategic advisor to Intellect Design Arena, involved in national digital finance infrastructure. I'm also the Chairman Advisory Council for, Chairman of the Directors Ambassador Circle in the American Hindu Coalition, and Executive Director for the Smart Village Development framework of Wheels Global Foundation. Additionally, I am a professor and academic. Thank you.

What are the best practices that India should adopt for Rural Development?


Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor: We are proposing to collate all available knowledge for best practices in India and the world. One of the mechanisms we suggest is the establishment of an Indian Institute of Development, akin to IITs or IIMs, with global recognition and branches in all states. It would focus on rural community development and serve as a platform for understanding and disseminating best practices. Additionally, we will announce a best practices competition, open to rural areas globally, to promote mutual learning and knowledge-sharing.

Can you tell us more about this Ideal Village and the vision behind it?

Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor: The Ideal Village Conference aims to bring together all stakeholders, which we refer to as Development Accelerators (DAs), including the government, rural communities, corporate sector, media, and more, to collaborate on smart village development. Our definition of a smart village is one that is Scalable, Measurable, Accessible, Replicable, and Technologically Leveraged (SMART). These villages focus on making a measurable impact, ensuring accessibility for rural communities, and leveraging technology for sustainable development.


Can you give me a brief background of Wheels Foundation and its mission?

Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor: Wheels Foundation was established with the noble aspiration inspired by President Abdul Kalam of India. It is a collaborative effort of IIT alumni and various organizations worldwide. Wheels stands for Water, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Livelihoods, and Sustainability, emphasizing comprehensive rural development. Our mission is to transform rural areas, fostering economic growth in a sustainable and global manner. We partner with organizations like Stanford University, government bodies in multiple states, and national institutes for rural development.

How will the Wheels Foundation help rural communities access the facilities they need?


Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor: We aim to empower rural communities, making them active partners rather than mere recipients of aid. The goal is to enable them to contribute significantly to the global economy. This empowerment will allow rural communities to become net assets for the country, aligning with India's goal of achieving a five trillion dollar GDP in the near future.

Anything else you would like to add or share about this event?

Ambassador Pradeep Kapoor: We are fortunate to have strong partners from various countries and sectors, including Cyber Media, supporting this event. To realize these ambitious goals, we need substantial sponsorship and funding support. Together, we can work towards achieving these noble objectives and bringing about positive change. Thank you so much.