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Amazon Launches its Prime Services in India


Prateek Chakraborty

If you are getting tired of not getting your delivery on time or your product has been damaged due to mishandling by the delivery boys, then you need not worry anymore! Recently, Amazon India has launched a separate service for premium customers, who can get their desired product or service without any hassles.

The E-Commerce major Amazon has launched its much awaited membership service, Amazon Prime in India. This is seen as a direct and cut-throat competition between Amazon and Flipkart, which has also launched a similar Prime service for its customers last year.

“With Prime, guaranteed one-day delivery becomes an everyday experience instead of an occasional indulgence, and with no minimum purchases, it provides unlimited convenience all year long. For sellers, Fulfillment by Amazon is now an even more powerful opportunity to rapidly grow their business and at the same time, provide customers across India with vast selection and unlimited fast free Prime delivery,” says Amit Agarwal, Vice-President & Country Head, Amazon India.

Features and use of the Service

Along with Amazon Prime, its Prime Videos is also soon coming to India and will be available for those, who are upgrading and buying from the service now. In popular markets like the USA, Canada and UK, the company will show live demonstrations of the new producys and services, and also having footages of exclusives shows and popular movies.
Initially, customers in over 100 cities of the country will get instant access to unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery on many eligible products shown online. However, Amazon India is offering a free-trial period of 60 days or two months for the customers to try out the new service, before paying for it to get more premium features and benefits.

Amazon Prime users will be able to get free shipping for anything they order with no price levied on the customer, including the delivery charges, when they upgrade to the new service. Also,there will be a 30-minute early access to new deals and offers as well.
While Amazon offers Prime services at annual subscription charge and annual subscription fee at $99 and $199 in USA, it is starting the new service in India with annual subscription charge at Rs. 499, the annual subscription fee stands at Rs. 999, which has to be paid every month, to keep the new service activated.

At an additional cost Prime users will get morning delivery in up to 20 cities. Not everything will be eligible for Prime, so you will need to look for the Prime logo against products.

Amazon has of late been looking at India as a growth market and has signed MoUs with the Indian government to capture market share respectively. Today, many Indian customers are pleased to see superior products and its reasonable prices, which make them satisfied and come to visit the Amazon App or its website the next time. This has boosted the revenue shares and marketing sales process of the e-commerce giant.

Hence, in the age of digital technology and e-commerce dominating the traditional commerce section, the customer has now emerged as the new king in the e-commerce world, because of plenty of options and benefits available in the e-commerce platforms.

(Source – huntnews, thenextweb).

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