Amagi launches Amagi MIX, e-commerce platform to buy TV ad spots

Amagi Media Labs has announced the launch of Amagi MIX a first-of-its-kind media planning and buying platform for television ad spots. The e-commerce platform aims to cater to the needs of small and medium businesses (SMB) who wish to move beyond print, radio or digital media to advertise their brands to a larger audience via television. Advertisers who are familiar with online ad-managers will find it easy to navigate within the Amagi MIX portal to create and launch high-visibility campaigns on Television. The platform offers more than 100 channels including national and regional TV channels.

Baskar Subramanian, Co-Founder Amagi Media Labs said “South India has robust and growing SME businesses that contribute significant percentage of the GDP. There is a big need for them to reach their consumers through advertising. Amagi MIX with its broad bouquet of TV channels, data-driven online media planning and buying experience brings the easiest and the most efficient way for SMEs to buy media online.”

In a recent consumer research done by Amagi, it was found that lack of knowledge on TV advertising and affordability were the two key reasons of why SMB advertisers were not willing to consider TV in their media budget. Amagi MIX attempts to address these two challenges and make TV advertising more easy and affordable.

Amagi MIX has an array of TV channels specifically to cater to south markets like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerela and Andhra Pradesh. Out of 100+ TV channels that it sells on Amagi MIX, it offers 40+ South Indian TV channels.

Amagi MIX allows users to easily edit the pre-suggested plan and customize individual channels to suit their budgetary and targeting requirements. Amagi also manages the creation of TV creative at very affordable costs. Advertisers can directly log on to the website and create their customized TV advertising campaign. The tool provides a host of easy payment options. Users can choose to either pay online in full, or partially (via their Credit/Debit cards or through Netbanking), or leverage an NEFT/RTGS transfer for added security. Users can opt to pay a partial booking amount online and pay the remaining amount via Cheque/Bank Transfer.

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