Altimetrik chooses Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud over Competition

New Update

Altimetrik, a US-based Global Solutions Provider and Technology Innovation organization has chosen Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud, part of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, to standardize their People Experience (PE) business practices and its resource management/utilization processes.


Altimetrik is a Gold-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork houses an experienced Capability Center for Oracle solutions which has decided to take-on the challenge of implementing the Oracle HCM & Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud with the help of its Oracle Fusion Certified workforce.

Altimetrik employs more than 2,500 technology and functional consultants and engineers including group partners. Focusing on emerging technologies and business innovation capabilities across digital, connected solutions, and consumer technologies, Altimetrik’s talent pool consists of experts and engineers across several NextGen Technologies. To engage and manage the complexities of a high-caliber talent pool and to support its projected year-on-year growth rate of more than 50 percent over the next couple of years, Altimetrik selected Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud.

With this deployment, Altimetrik’s People Experience (PE) division (a.k.a HR division), will be able to focus on strategic and developmental facets of HR that fulfill employee satisfaction and company goals, with Oracle HCM Cloud managing HR’s transactional aspects at the back end. Capability managers responsible for employee career growth and work allocation mechanisms which are non-linear will be able to know what exactly their employees are doing and how they are being cross-leveraged across strategic initiatives. It will also help them to move away from a CAPEX to an OPEX model while creating a strong foundation for a cloud-based talent management solution.

Altimetrik is committed to delivering a powerful user experience, lessons-learnt repository, implementation best practices and faster time-to-market solutions to its customers all derived from its very own implementation.