We are already up with multiple initiatives to make organization digitally transformed in a true sense

—Saradindu Paul, Vice President & Group CIO, Electrosteel
SnipSaradindu Paul

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

The digital world is no more virtual. It’s virtually physical. Therefore, for enterprises going digital is no more a euphoria but a necessity. The way of doing business is stiffly witnessing a paradigm shift. Traditional baseline business processes ranging procure to pay and order to cash are already on the digital platform for decades together. Getting them connected with customers and vendors through unconventional digital platform / social media is a call of the day.

Now businesses are fact driven rather than traditional opinion driven. The facts are now changing forms. It’s no more post fact which drives the decision. It’s pre-fact. It’s the fact which gives futuristic feedback to business so that decisions are taken accurately at the right time to generate more success probability. It plays a pivotal role to set short to long-term goals for the business.

At Electrosteel, we have internalized the pulse and embarked fully into digital transformation journey across the organization.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

At Electrosteel group we are already up with multiple initiatives to make organization digitally transformed in a true sense under current context. Started moving to cloud with basic ERP application (SAP) from an on-premise data center. Embraced couple of cloud-based business applications in service mode (OPEX) directly impacting positively to revenue critical operations. All business units under Electrosteel umbrella have gone big bang into digital marketing to improve visibility in the digital space. Strategically it has been taken up to augment improved branding. Created exclusive captive analytics team to continuously explore information compiled from unstructured and disparate data sources. Mobility is another focus area now. Projects have been taken up to make almost all enterprise-wide business application mobile compatible. A couple of integration projects have been taken up capturing in plant field operation data bridged with ERP system. Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice is also started in specific areas to have meaningful predictive feedback to strategic business decision making.

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