All India ITR Lunches Income Tax e-filing Mobile App

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All India ITR, a government authorised e-filing website, has launched a mobile application to make the process of income tax e-filing simple, fast and less stressful.


Unique features of All India ITR Mobile App 

  • Secure and affordable
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly interface
  • HRA & Income Tax Calculators
  • Rent Receipt Generator
  • Check refund status
  • Calculate taxes
  • 24x7 Live Chat

With the introduction of the new mobile app, the company adds a new dimension to the convenience quotient of the Indian consumer by providing step by step guidance on taxes to everyone, from a first time taxpayer to a businessman. Using this application, taxpayers can find out their refund or demand status without having to go through any tax professional.


“The tax-filing industry is more technology driven than ever before, and most taxpayers want an easy-to-use option that is both secure and affordable,” said Vikas Dahiya, Founder and Director of All India ITR. "With tax filing gaining momentum, we are very excited about the mobile app as it is going to offer a robust platform for self-directed tax preparation without paying a huge sum to experts.”

The All India ITR mobile app with its user-friendly interface will provide users an option to check refund status, calculate income tax due, calculate HRA exemption and generate rent receipts. It will also provide answers to tax-related queries as it is backed by an expert team of Chartered Accountants. The mobile app is available on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) for free.

With mandatory e-filing of income tax returns, All India ITR is one of the most cost-effective ways for taxpayers to file their returns and stay updated with everything in the tax system in India.

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