All that Buzz and BB10: A sneak peek!

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With just two more weeks left for RIM to launch its new BlackBerry 10 operating system globally; we dig further more to see the BB10 OS- and all Buzz around.

There is no doubt that the BlackBerry 10 campaign is a reasonably well-executed PR campaign, that has created ripples in the industry for its launch.

Buzz around the launch of BlackBerry 10 has inspired tweets, mentions on Facebook, and even a rap song. Houston-based artist LIL'E recorded "No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10," a song praising the features promised on BlackBerry 10 phones and the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The artist has a LIL'E app, which is available for BlackBerry and Android handsets and promoted on his site.

RIM has done a good job helping build anticipation for its BlackBerry 10 offering.

RIM's BlackBerry 10 has the ability to make or break the company. The company is holding the reins on a steady stream of news stories, reviews and media commentary that is helping hype the launch. The buzz has seriously done good for the company, if not anything bad.

But, in a smartphone market largely dominated by the iOS and Android, carving out a niche for BB10 will be increasingly tough. More so now that the market seems to be getting even more competitive with Windows Phones'.

So, what excatly is BB10 all about! Dataquest manages to get a little sneak peek into BB10's most revolutionaly two features from Annie Mathew, Head of Alliances, Research In Motion, India:

1. BB Hub

One of the key services this functionality takes advantage of is the BlackBerry Hub which integrates all a user's messages as well as their social networking notifications.


BlackBerry has released the API for this application meaning that developers can take advantage of it to integrate their own notifications into the hub.

"The main feature being demonstrated is the "BlackBerry Flow" UI which allows the user to easily switch between applications and view notifications without having to close the app they're using,"informs annie mathew.

2. Onscreen Keypad!

BB10's onscreen keyboard is what will be another key differentiaing feature. It will show off delivering a unique experience which should help RIM to regain some of its status as the maker of the best messaging phones.

"In addition to its layout with the "frets" inbetween rows of characters the keyboard offers up word suggestions over the next letter a user is going to type and can also adapt to their common typing errors. It will be "the best typing experience on glass"," said Annie.


As far as reinvention and innovative features goes, it looks like RIM is doing a good job of staying true to its roots while offering an experience which is original enough to look like an attractive alternative to iOS and Android.

There are host of other features, which the company claims to excite the users after its launch.

Currently the handset is being tested at 150 carriers globally with details on availability due to be revealed at the January 30th event.

Recently, over 1,600 companies have registered for a training program for the new phones that will run off thi new OS.

Also, according to media reports, RIM is also offering incentives for businesses, such as a free license upgrade for existing clients and a free BlackBerry 10 smartphone for companies' IT staff.

Some BlackBerry 10 devices are already being handed out to what RIM calls "influencers" at companies, according to RIM director Bryan Lee, in media reports.

The official BlackBerry 10 launch, in which two new phones will be unveiled along with pricing and availability details, will be held on Jan. 30 in New York and London, among other cities.

'In India, it is scheduled for early quarter two', confirmed annie.