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Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Like Jio VoWiFi Now Reportedly Works on All ISPs

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, which was earlier restricted to its own broadband services unlike Jio VoWiFi, is now working on all ISPs according to users

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling apparently now works seamlessly on any Internet Service Provider (ISP). The latest development has been brought to light by several Airtel users who claim the service got activated for them since last night. This feature has been activated by Airtel after Jio VoWiFi, which is a service similar to that of Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, began to work for its users regardless of the ISPs they were using.

When Jio VoWiFi services began for Reliance Jio customers, several Airtel users had questioned the service provider as to why Airtel Wi-Fi Calling was only available for Airtel Broadband users. The company, however, has neither confirmed nor denied the new development.

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Airtel while rolling out the service had stated that the Wi-Fi Calling feature was restricted to Airtel Broadband users, but they were working at the time towards making the same available on other ISPs as well. “Airtel WiFi Calling got enabled for me this morning on my Samsung Galaxy S10, can make SIM Calls via WiFi without using mobile network signals. The first implementation of WiFi calling in India, the feature I have been waiting for years! Good Work Airtel India,” says Shubham Gupta on Twitter.

“Airtel WiFi calling is active in Hyderabad on ACT broadband internet also,” says Nireesh confirming the development as well. “Also i can confirm that airtel’s VoWiFi is now rolling to other ISPs as well, not restricted to Airtel broadband in noida Airtel wifi calling is working with third party ISPs,” adds another users Naman Dwivedi.

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Now also Works in Punjab and Maharashtra

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, which was earlier available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu is now, according to users, working ‘seamlessly’ in Maharashtra and Punjab as well.

“Airtel Wifi Calling is working in Punjab and it is working on any broadband,” says Kunal Pahuja. As far as the Maharashtra circle is concerned, when a user questioned Airtel asking “is WiFi calling available in Maharashtra circle? I received sms from you,” the official account of Airtel Customer Care confirmed the development saying “Hi! We have checked this and are happy to let you know that Airtel VoWiFi is available in your location.”

What this Means for Jio VoWiFi?

To take on Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, Jio VoWifi would need to speed-up the process of rolling out across various cities as it is currently only available in Delhi NCR, Kerala, Maharashtra and Kolkata Circle according to its users. Jio VoWifi is also not supported by as many handsets as Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, which works on:

  • Apple: All iPhone series starting 6s and above.
  • Xiaomi: Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro and POCO F1.
  • Samsung: J6, A10s, On6, S10, S10+, S10e, M20, M30s.
  • OnePlus: All models of OnePlus 7 Series as well as 6 Series.


  1. Srinivas Kandala

    Wifi calling is not only enabled in flagship phonesbut also in many other phones. My Mi Redmi 7 had this feature since yesterday morning. It has an Airtel sim. Thanks for the information though.

  2. Annoying human

    Jiovowifi is working on Airtel broadband but not my local internet service provider. The vowifi comes up only when connected to Airtel broadband connection and not local ISP (pioneer broadband) which is my main connection.

  3. Annoying human

    Jio WiFi calling is not working on local ISP (pioneer broadband) but works on airtel broadband,act broadband and only main stream ISPs . Jio has to look into this matter and include all Indian ISP whether small or large.

  4. Raj

    Location : Hyderabad
    Date : 26/Jan/2020
    Handset : Poco F1 & Note7 Pro

    Wi-Fi Calling working perfectly on Airtel Broadband but not on ACT Fiber Broadband.

    Is there any setting to be done to make it work on ACT Broadband ?

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