Aims And The Man

Individuals have ambition. They have desires, dreams and aspirations. And some of them also have vision. When they go through their lives, some of them realize their dreams, and some of them do not. Such is the stuff life is about.

Every year, toward the end of the calendar, we invite some selected members of the Indian IT industry, representing all its segments, to sit together and single out such individuals. The panel, called the DQ Awards Selection Panel, then sifts through names, seeks data, and collectively selects those individuals who it thinks have contributed enormously to the Indian IT industry, in terms of visioning, in terms of carrying out the vision, in terms of deliverables.

This year, too, such an exercise was undertaken. The two individuals that find place within the pages of the magazine-Prof HN Mahabala and Rajendra S Pawar-are those who have left their stamp indelibly on the Indian IT industry. One, who has spent close to 30 years laying the foundations of the Indian IT movement, and the other who visioned an India comprising computer literate citizens. And it is our belief that any country which has more of such individuals can justifiably be proud of itself.

One sober thought. Are these individuals exceptions to the rule? Are there more of them out there? Not just in IT, but in using IT to create more wealth, using IT as a tool to become globally competitive, making IT the centerpiece of a knowledge society? We believe that there are, and we believe that there are more such individuals out there. The DQ award winners belong to this category. With performance on their side, and a potential that is waiting to be tapped, all that is needed is perseverance and vision.

In reality, if you really think about it, it is not we are honoring them, but rather they who are, by continuing to allow us to be a part of their Dream.

On this hopeful note, welcome to the year 1999, and here is wishing all DATAQUEST readers a successful ending of the current millennium.


L Subramanyn


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