AI School of India launches AI Covid Warrior Contest for school students from classes 3 to 12

With the AI Covid Warrior contest, school students can brainstorm ways in which they can create their own innovative ideas using artificial intelligence

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AI Covid Warrior

AI school of India has announced AI Covid Warrior Contest for Indian school students from classes 3 to 12. While Covid 19 disease has torn the whole world apart, artificial intelligence has enormous potential to support the global war on the pandemic, say the organisers.  AI can help understand the nature of the SARS CoV 2 virus, as well as the way that it spreads and thus can have a major impact in multiple ways in the fight against Covid.


The AI Covid Warrior contest aims to provide children in India with an opportunity to put on their thinking caps and work together and brainstorm ways in which they can create their own innovative ideas using Artificial Intelligence technology to combat the various problems caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Along the same lines, AI School of India has invited applications for the completely free online contest from students across India. The teams are expected to come up with innovative artificial intelligence ideas to combat Covid 19 and they have the option to bring forward their ideas and projects via two routes: Coding track or non-Coding track.

AI School of India will provide guidance to support the participants via online resources such as tutorials, coding tools and programming platforms.  The contest will run from 1  June till 31 July 2021.

Interested students can register for the contest here:

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