AI NLP Assistant: Making Sense of Unstructured Data

AI NLP has capabilities to make sense of unstructured data across multiple internal/external sources and churn insights out of it

Enterprises spend a lot of resources and time on gathering key information on the markets they sell/operate in. A dedicated team of market analysts are always on the lookout for information on prospects, clients, competitors, industry trends and more. The process of data assimilation also needs to be backed by verification, sorting and tagging so as to be referenced by the marketing and sales teams. The entire process is heavily resource dependent, inherently inefficient and not easily scalable to support new insight requests or business strategies that are driven by the marketing team.

The Solution

Marketing Assist, the enterprise AI assistant that helps with relevant information to support marketing and sales activities. Marketing Assist works with structured and unstructured data sources to make sense of large amounts of data and return consumable information based on natural language queries.

The product integrates with internal data repositories and subscribed data sources to fetch information in real time across company, people, industry and other categories. The product is self learning and can be customised to give proactive recommendations to support specific sales/marketing activities targeted by account manager or user.  Marketing Assist makes the process of information research supremely efficient and intuitive.

Analysts can quickly search for company and people information, and can qualify data sources for the marketing teams to use.

Marketing and sales teams can access information on the go via a bot that is always available. The system searches across internal data repositories such as Sharepoint and SFDC, as well as external websites and feeds, thereby allowing users to quickly pick and choose from a large set of data to build custom reports focused at specific industry/clients.


  • Reduction in time taken by analysts to build custom reports on companies and product markets.
  • Made the process of consumption of custom information by marketing more intuitive and efficient
  • Saved on time and money
  • Helps scale marketing strategies easily with real time, relevant insights.

“The experience with Light Information systems has been one of a kind. The idea that we had in mind, there was no off the shelf solution available in the market globally. So it was essential to find a partner who not only understood the business requirement, but also had deep technical expertise to take the idea to fruition. The project would not have succeeded had it not been for AI NLP capabilities to make sense of unstructured data across multiple internal/external sources and churn insights out of it. Deep Tech know-how, unabashed customer responsiveness and centricity and a ‘never say no’ attitude – three pillars that make Light Infosys a great partner to work with,” said Raunaq Bathija, Manager, Marketing Insights, Tata Communications Limited.

“Powerful NLP algorithms backed with Neural networks are the key to different stake holders having meaningful conversations with enterprise structured and unstructured data and we are right in the midst of it,” said Sanjeev Menon, CEO, Light Information Systems.

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