How is AI Helping Enterprises Develop Impactful Apps

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By: Sachin Dev Duggal, Co-founder & Chief Wizard,


The changing market dynamics coupled with a surge of successful startups disrupting the traditional business setups has made the requirement of an established and recognized digital presence indispensable. These platforms and apps represent the brand’s vision, values and raisond’etre. These apps through a small aperture to the organizations are extremely powerful. Apparently, customer experiences on apps can make or break the standing of organizations in the marketplace.  Some aspects of apps that can be bolstered with AI are listed below.

Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing customer service; it has led to the creation of unparalleled user experience which is personalized and intelligent. Technology is being extensively used to make apps adaptive and adjustable to user behaviour and their usage patterns. Huge amounts of data related to user demographics besides the behaviour can be collected and studied to create richer contextual and personalized user experiences.


This has led to the emergence of “Intelligent and Intuitive Apps” for a seamless user experience that adds immense value to the customer.

Transforming Business

Integrating AI into the apps functionality can increase the possibilities of revenue generation and ROI. With the pervasive use of apps, business teams are now focusing on what data to collect, the way to collect it and the collection frequency.  Critical analysis of this data can unearth invaluable, impactful and worthwhile insights. This decisive information can be applied strategically to target users and customers with various customized combinations of products or services based on the timing, context, personal tastes etc. It could very well lead to expansion in newer markets too.  


AI in apps does much more than increasing brand awareness and promotion of sales. It works for consumers to make their lives easier while keeping them informed.

Development at the Speed of light

AI is being used in development platforms to give wings to ideas and convert them into concrete software apps. They offer enhanced features like drag and drop of software components in an assembly line like mode to reduce the app creation time.  These AI based platforms reduce the time to market, increase productivity, reduce costs and increase the reach and penetration in global markets of the businesses. With the flexibility of automation businesses can instead focus on their core strengths and strategies to give them a thrust.


Speech recognition

Apps embedded with AI to automatically recognize and understand voice and natural languages offer users a powerful, convenient and intuitive way to navigate apps.  It is predicted that speech recognition will soon replace the tap and touch feature in apps to make user interaction simpler, precise and accommodate users on the move and to give a more human touch. This feature also serves as a strong security measure.

Security and Authentication


With growing technologies and the ubiquitous use of apps the need of the hour is robust data security. This is one of the biggest concerns of app users. With the inclusion of AI, the security issues have been drastically reduced. Users are proactively warned of possible threats and vulnerabilities through analysis of user data.

The integration of AI technologies is the crucial differentiating factor for apps to attract and retain users. Apps using these cutting-edge technologies are destined to grow smarter, gain necessary traction and yield tremendous breakthroughs for businesses. The dawn of AI has already started and those who intelligently leverage on this tremendous opportunity shall definitely emerge as pioneers and winners.

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