AI enabled legal research platform- mLeAP

AI in Legal Sector is appearing as an assistant. It is based on Natural language processing and machine learning for a better legal experience.

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Legal professionals

The internet- based legal research platform by mLeAP is developed for engineers and lawyers who are trying to give a chance to the legal system with the help of technology. AI enabled an outstanding legal research platform ideal for both lawyers and law firm.


When it comes to mLeAP, an AI-enabled legal Analytics platform, it uses the most potent technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to make both legal analyses and research more efficient. All of these efforts made by the company from tier 2 town of Ranchi dedicated to making it successful in the legal technology environment.

mLeAP - Always Uses Cutting Edge AI Techniques

The smart use of cutting edge AI technique makes the overall legal analytics system much easier. The company has a specialized feature named Bench Analysis. It accords explicit and in-depth analytics on the Judges who are involved in a particular case. It will empower the legal expert to prepare the cases in a specific way and get hassle-free results using ML and NLP.


According to the official announcement, mLeAP is completely re-imagining the overall legal ecosystem, producing a product which is catering to various legal processes. It consists of case management, contract analysis, and much more.

The company grabs the attention of roughly about fifty individuals within the six months of the establishment of the prototype. The user base is using this platform and also offering feedback continuously. The founder of the company told that “mLeAP decide to extend the prototype in the B2C model within this year. Hence, it can aids individuals in understanding their cases easily”.

The government of Jharkhand chooses the company as a startup as well as offer it Grand of the undisclosed amount based on the Start-up Policy 2016 of Jharkhand Government. It got a seed funding and incubation opportunity from the Department of Science and Technologies, Indian Government and also JSS-STEP INCUBATOR.


Priyesh Raj, co-founder of mLeAP, said: “Legal Technology is one of the multi-billion dollar markets, and AI is working well to alter the manner legal transaction is occurring in India. It is highly expected to become a driving element in the legal industry in the upcoming years.”

Features of using AI

Two features continue to use the AI technology comprehensively. Case Research, where the overall system finds the case you are speaking about from the plain case reality using NLP. It brings you similar cases with research material.

It brings the success score for your case according to the past performance of similar cases. Document Analysis is another feature which uses NLP. Here the system brings you precise ideas discussed in a document with highly essential relational statements.

Abhishek Verma, co-founder, mLeap, added: “AI is appearing as an assistant. It is assisting both legal firms as well as lawyers in delivering the best range of efficient services to the clients. All these processes are accomplished quickly and affordably. It is not AI but is completely functioning towards attaining the same thing. The mLeaP also provide a free trial facility to help the users easily understand the concept of this platform.”