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AI-enabled cameras witness a growth in the pandemic

The Threat Detection Cameras to help Businesses and markets reopen safely.

With services in over 21 countries, a computer vision AI brands, Integration Wizards Solution, has left no stone unturned when it comes to AI-enabled innovation in the field of Computer Vision AI, industrial IoT, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and enterprise mobility.

The brand has seen a 550% growth in the number of AI-enabled cameras since last year. Post the outbreak of Covid-19, their new AI-platform for cameras helped several hospitals and businesses ensure adherence to Covid-19 regulations. As markets and businesses are reopening, AI cameras can be helpful in maintaining safety.

While talking about the increased demand for the brand’s AI platform for cameras, Kunal Kislay, the co-founder of Integration Wizards Solution’s IRIS tech, said, “While we have seen substantial growth, we still project an even higher demand in our AI-enabled cameras. It is rapidly replacing the traditional CCTV surveillance set-up. With its advanced visual perception and prompt, it offers actionable analytics, especially regarding following the Covid-19 regulations. The projected growth in the current year circles around 4000% from the current number.”

The AI platform relies on machine and deep learning for real-time video analytics, threat detection, raising threat alarms and alerting authorities. Through theft detection, they protect by automating intrusion detection through real-time alerts. IRIS platform has the capabilities to integrate all types of cameras and can also on-board existing CCTV cameras on it to make them AI enabled.

These cameras also provide customer analytics and insights into store operations in retail settings. In warehouses, the cameras reinforce operational efficiency through automation based on visual inputs like the opening of the gate by reading the number plate, automatic assigning of an empty dock to trucks in the warehouse and promoting quality assurance through automation of visual inspection of fabric, chips, and vehicle parts. Hence, it is complete security for the user and their businesses.

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