AI Covid warrior

AI Covid warrior online contest winners announced

Students from Grade 3 to 12 participated and came up with innovative solutions to tackle the Covid problem with AI

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in March 2020 and the subsequent shutdown of Educational Institutions have posed unprecedented challenges in the education sector. Viewing this as an opportunity, leaders of progressive Educational Institutions have introduced innovative online teaching-learning solutions and engagement programmes while preparing students and faculty for the digital world.

In this regard, AI school of India had announced AI Covid Warrior Contest for Indian school students from classes 3 to 12. The AI Covid Warrior contest was launched with an aim to provide children in India with an opportunity to put on their thinking caps and work together and brainstorm ways in which they can create their own innovative ideas using Artificial Intelligence technology to combat the various problems caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Highlights of the AI Covid warrior contest

  • ‘Unique, first of its kind’ Online Contest conducted in India to find Solutions to fight against Covid 19.
  • Students from Grade 3 to 12 across India participated.
  • 6000+ Registrations, 400+ Registered Schools across India
  • 45% all girls’ Teams.
  • Prizes include internships at IIT Madras, internships at Azure knowledge corporation, laptops, tablets, vouchers, online courses, books and lot more.

Some of the Top Prize Winners of AI Covid warrior contest

Grade (9-12): Prize: 1st Place

Name: Aryaman Sharma, Adhiraj Mohan Chanana

School: The Shriram Millennium School

City: Noida

Project Name: Mansik Ashriya


Our project aims to normalize mental health, create awareness and make an easily accessible diagnostic platform for everyone anywhere. We have asked basic questions about the feelings of a person. The person will be requested to enter a paragraph that will be judged on the basis of positivity and negativity. A questionnaire is provided to the user after they have been found majorly negative while expressing their feelings in the entered paragraph. Our project provides a psychological score of a person’s mental health which will suggest if the person needs any professional help or not.

Our project has endless possibilities and we will continue to work on it to help as many people as we can.

Contest Winners (with code)

Grade (3-5):

Prize: 1st Place

Name: Kiaan Amit Sawant,Ruggved Rahul Mehta

School name :Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Dahisar, Mumbai

Project name: MISA AI CONTEST

About project: Research to Treatment of Coronavirus uses any technology.

Robots have been used to sanitize whole hospitals, give medication, deliver food, decontaminate and handle biohazardous waste.

Grade (6-8):

Prize: 1st Place

Name: Neev Datta, Siddharth Rajpal

School name : The Shriram Millenium School, Noida

Project name: Introducing CoviBot

About project: Introducing CoviBot how to work on it.

Grade (9-12):

Prize: 1st Place

Name: Aryaman Sharma, Adhiraj Mohan Chanana

School name : Shriram Millennium School, Noida

Project name: Mansikashriey

About project: MansikAshrieyis an algorithm developed by us which focuses on the mental Health of its users. The program is an effort to help people know about their mental state. It provides a psychological score of one’s mental health which will suggest if you need any professional help or not. differences. It was fun as a beginner in whole programming stuff because we could get more and more accommodated to Scratch.

“The purpose of conducting AI covid warrior contest was to make AI relevant to the ongoing pandemic. Most of the time, it is too theoretical or esoteric for people to understand how to make it a reality. Initially it was a challenge whether school students can take up this challenge and do something practical out of it but after we saw the number of entries we were greatly encouraged and excited,” said Ramana Prasad, chairman and managing director, AI School of India.

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