How AI is changing fan engagement

Digital consumption in comparison to traditional forms will progressively drive interacting with the fans, and AI will play a crucial role in this.

Technological advancements and the speed of innovation are being aided by the progress in the fields of AI and deep learning algorithms and the sports industry is one of the leaders in embracing the benefits of these new-age technologies. The global sports technology market was valued at USD 17.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 40.2 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.5% between 2021 and 2026 which is considered to be a massive boost within the sports sector.

Digital consumption in comparison to traditional forms will progressively drive interacting with the fans, and AI will play a crucial role in this.

Here are the top 5 ways in which AI is implementable today to improve fan engagement.

AI-powered foreground data would maximize the visual experience of fans. 

The viewing experience of tomorrow’s fans will undoubtedly change significantly. Simply watching a regular game won’t suffice for much longer. Audiences today want a more immersive, all-encompassing experience while watching a sporting event. This means they want access to a variety of AI-powered live background data on matches, statistics, and so on to get all possible insights in real-time. It also implies that both home experiences will compete with in-stadia experience to become the new standard.

The viewing experience of fans will be fully transformed by AI-powered content delivery.

During a sporting event, AI can make predictions in form of goals, hits, wickets, smashes, and even recognizing the facial features of the players. These are some incredible features to look upon.

For instance, with the help of new-age technology, Wimbledon matches can develop video highlights, the amount of crowd cheering, the overall excitement, and even specific gestures made by the players. Acoustic analysis can also detect the exact moment the ball is hit, a smash is made, etc. and this capturing of data enables audiences to interact with content more comprehensively.

Fans would be able to engage with AI in a strategic, tailored manner.

A fan in the future will have a separate fan identity, where AI will know what the fan is interested in, what kind of merchandise does the fan prefer, what events and games they have attended, and so on. AI-powered systems would treat them as unique individuals and personalize their in-game experience.

Today’s fan needs comfort. From the time they purchase the ticket to the time they return home after attending the game, AI is at the forefront of managing the entire experience for a fan. Let us look at ticketing, new-age technologies like blockchain are becoming more prominent eliminating fraud and accounting for complex demand-based pricing models making the process much smoother for the fan.

The use of automated smart chatbots can boost fan relationships and social media management.

To build a deep connection with the fans, social media interaction plays a vital role. AI-powered smart chatbots can encourage interaction. Users may type or talk with the chatbot, which will respond quickly and effectively to their questions or direct them through the website. It gets smarter as it is used more. It will eventually feel as though you are conversing with a person. Consider it Siri or Google Assistant for your chosen team.

The use of AI-powered bite-sized video and short-form content by broadcasters to drive more fan engagement.

The use of bite-sized video and short-form content is likely to drive five times more engagement in comparison to an ordinary form of content. Reducing time and manual work enables the creators to work on more important subjects thus producing more content in less time giving fans a pool of opportunity to dive into with more interactive assets and relying on AI to perform all the analytics.


Authored by Meghna Krishna, Chief Revenue Officer,

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