AI-based cognitive business reasoning with SearchBlox v8.5

New Update

SearchBlox Software- the provider of enterprise search, sentiment analysis and text analytics has now announced the availability of version 8.5 which enables businesses to connect, extract and analyze across unstructured and structured data in a smarter and advanced way.


Version 8.5 features the addition of new connectors including streaming, API and storage data sources bringing the total number of available sources to 75. This new release allows customers to use advanced entity extraction (person, organization, product, title, location, date, time, urls, identifiers, phone, email, money, distance) from 18 different languages within unstructured data streams on a real time basis. Use cases include advanced federated search, fraud or anomaly detection, content recommendations, smart business workflows, customer experience management and ecommerce optimization solutions. SearchBlox can use your existing data to build AI based cognitive learning models for your most complex use cases.

Key features of SearchBlox v8.5

-New connectors include Magento, YouTube, ServiceNow, MS Exchange, Twilio, Office 365, Quandl, Cassandra, Google BigQuery, Couchbase, HBase, Solr and Elasticsearch


-Advanced Entity Extraction (person, organization, product, title, location, lat/long, date, time, urls, number identifiers, religion, nationality, phone, email, money, distance) in 18 languages

-Build AI based learning models for your specific use cases

The SearchBlox new release also features several performance improvements and bug fixes.

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