Agilent introduces new Agilent 4210 microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer

Agilent Technologies introduced a new spectrometer that will enable laboratories in the food, agriculture, petrochemical, environmental and mining industries in analyzing heavy metals, micro nutrients and precious metals in food, agriculture, petrochemical, environmental and mining industries. The new Agilent 4210 microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer runs on air rather than flammable gas – a feature unique to Agilent MP-AES systems – making it both safer and less expensive to operate.

How does it work?

The 4210 features an advanced valve system, an inert torch, a humidifier, a temperature-controlled spray chamber, a multimode sample-introduction system, and enhanced diagnostics software – all of which extend the instrument’s analytical performance, sample throughput and ease of use.

In addition, new automation software enables remote elemental analysis. This flexibility opens up new possibilities for applications such as on-site process stream monitoring and environmental monitoring.

Advantages over other conventional instruments:

The MP-AES technique does have better detection limits over a wider working analytical range and also covers more no. of elements including nonmetals like P & S compared to FAAS. The MP-AEs technique does not require flammable or expensive gases and runs on Nitrogen gas from a Nitrogen generator supported by an air compressor. Therefore, it substantially reduces the cost of ownership.

The MP-AES technique is now tested and running successfully for total elemental analysis in plant/tissues and also available micro/macro nutrients in soil extract.  Agilent’s 4210 MP-AES is suited to the multi-element analysis of samples with high dissolved solids content, such as soil. It offers improved performance when compared to FAAS, with lower detection limits, particularly for some of the important elements like Boron.

Laboratories that have the new 4210 MP-AES will have access to the lowest cost elemental analysis possible, giving them a competitive advantage over labs that don’t have it.

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