Agile and adaptive organizations will always have an upper hand: Varoon Rajani, Blazeclan

Blazeclan Technologies are on a revolutionary path of leading excellence on cloud. It is offering robust, dynamic cloud technology to leverage the capabilities of providing business flexibility, reduced operational costs, decreased time to market, and the security and scalability of enterprise workloads for customers.

Here, Varoon D. Rajani, co-founder and CEO, Blazeclan Technologies, tells us more about the company’s BCP strategies. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: What BCP strategies are your recommending that can help sustain and grow business during this public health crisis?

Varoon D. Rajani: As companies are remote working, continuity of the business and its operations mustn’t come to a standstill. The three main components that will ensure seamless WFH and BCP during this period, are secured network connectivity, secured compute access and data security.

Besides these components, enabling your employees with adequate laptops, secured VPN connectivity, and other security software for data safety will ensure collaboration among them even with a 100% lockdown. Also, a provision for access to on-prem systems and considering migration of dev/test environment to cloud will reflect a hundred percent harmony among employees. Availing remote desktop services like Amazon Workspaces or Azure VDI will ensure smooth cloud computing for organizations.

DQ: Can you share the case study from financial services on how they have now moved completely to remote working?

Varoon D. Rajani: We helped one of our client, one of the leading fintech player in the country, address some of the BCP challenges that they were facing. This included the issues raised by the at the call centre employees and contractor pertaining to remote working.

Due to the lack of adequate laptops, these employees were unable to connect securely to the company’s network. To resolve this, we used our AWS Workspaces services for employees to connect to the company’s network and systems remotely. An image of company’s laptop was copied to the Workspaces so that the employee’s desktops were replicated on cloud. This allowed the call centre employees to connect remotely and continue to support the end customers.

DQ: Can you share the measures being taken to ensure that the BCP is compliant with data security requirements?

Varoon D Rajani: All-access to the company’s data and systems are through a secured VPN, and all logins are connected to the company’s DLP system or to the company’s AD, which is authenticated by MFA. This ensures, multiple layers of security before someone can access the data.

DQ: What does the future hold?

Varoon D Rajani: Agile and adaptive organizations will always have an upper hand as compared to their other competitors. In today’s ever-changing day and age, it is of extreme significance that companies ensure seamless operations even when their employees are working from different parts of the country/world.

We aim at seeing companies invest more in BCP, remote connectivity and collaborative productivity software, as that holds the power to change the remote-working scenario forever. Compliances and guidelines will change the way we work, and bring more productivity to organizations by positively impacting sales numbers.

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