Aegis announces its 2nd Edition of Data Science Congress

After the success of Data Science Congress 2017, Aegis School of Data Science is organizing the 2nd edition to India’s largest data science event, Data Science Congress (DSC) from May 29 to June 1, 2018 at CIDCO Convention Centre, Navi Mumbai.

DSC is a three-day conference and one day workshop curated by Aegis with delegates from different industries and business functional areas. DSC 2017 was a huge success with 2094 delegates, by far the largest gathering of India’s data science community. DSC 2018 is expected to witness an even larger number of delegates.

Aegis created DSC with a mission to bring India at the centre stage of data science and to create a vendor neutral platform. DSC is a platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing, highlighting best practices, innovations and discussing used cases among the practitioners which include start-ups developing breakthrough innovation, data scientists, technology vendors, product, services and solution providers.

Bhupesh Daheria, CEO of Aegis School of Data Science and Founder of DSC said “We at Aegis are excited to announce the 2nd edition of Data Science Congress. The lack of a formal forum for Data Science users and vendors urged us to create a platform to bridge this gap and build awareness to meet the skill shortage. The 2nd edition of DSC will continue in its mission to groom the Indian talent and data scientists in the field of Analytics, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and IoT and help them showcase their skills that will help India take leaps in the field of Data Science.

The theme for DSC 2018 is confluence of Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cognitive, Blockchain and Cyber Security. The 4 days event will include key note addresses, Ministerial panel discussion – inviting IT Ministers of different states of India for panel discussion, IT Secretarial Panel Discussion – inviting IT Secretaries of different states of India for panel discussion, Panel Discussion on BFSI, Health, Block chain, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, also CEO Round Table which includes CEO of top IT companies.

This year’s organising committee includes Mr. Amit Dubey, Deputy CTO Tech Mahindra; Dr Avik Sarkar, Head Analytics Cell NITI Aayog; Mr. Mukesh Jain, CTO VFS Global; Mr. Sameer Dhanrajini, Chief Strategy Officer Fractal Analytics are amongst few who are architecting and contributing to the largest Data Science event and to our mission to make India the nucleus of data science.

DSC 2017 was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister Y.S Chowdhary, Minister of State for Ministry of Science and Technology and the opening keynote address was delivered by Dr. Usama Fayyad, First Chief Data Officer ever titled. Over 68 speakers delivered key talks and panel discussions and Data Scientists from several organizations like NITI Aayog, National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), Department of Science & Technology, Amazon, AIG, IBM Research, Walmart Labs, MakeMyTrip, NVIDIA, Cisco, Tableau, PwC, SAP, Edelweiss, Fractal Analytics, American Express, Reliance JIO, Gramener, RBI, Myntra etc shared their knowledge at the forum.

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