Aegis : Acquisitive Indian

While BPO companies kept debating voice versus non-voice, Aegis focused on
end-to-end customer lifecycle management and progressed on its stated objective:
not using a geography only for delivery or only for customer acquisition. Each
geography in Aegis game plan should have both the components.

India, where it is headquartered, gave it three times more business in FY 08
as compared to the previous year (India sales not included in the revenue here),
while it kept growing onshore business through both organic and inorganic
growth. Two acquisitionsthose of Teletech India (which gave it significant
India business) and AOL, which gave it US businesswere steps in that direction.
The earlier acquisition of Global Vantedge contributed in terms of diversifying
the portfolio to receivable management.


Aparup Sengupta, CEO


l Start-up Year:
l Delivery Presence:
India (14 facilities),
USA (9 facilities) l Address: Aegis BPO
Services Limited, Essar House, 13th Floor, Mumbai 400034
+91 22 6660 1100 l
+91 22 2495 4490

Aegis also moved toward high value KPO. Aegis Direct, positioned as a virtual
retail player, or an alternate channel for the finance, insurance and consumer
products space, contributed almost Rs 24 crore to the companys revenues last

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