Adoption of e-payments and invoicing will spur demand for allied devices: Lipi Data Systems

As the next step in our digital transformation journey, we are focusing on further strengthening our processes through automation at our manufacturing facilities, warehouses and service centres.

Lipi Data Systems is one of the top three Indian IT peripheral companies. For decades, Lipi has been providing the best of technologies and services through indigenously designed products.

Also, leveraging cloud-technology to improve overall operational efficiencies and accelerate innovation. Here, Vinit Dixit, Head-IT,  Lipi Data Systems Ltd, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:


How is the IT peripherals industry geared up for growth in 2021?

Vineet Dixit: India has been one of the biggest and fastest growing digital markets in the world, given the push towards modernisation and digitalisation. Electronics and IT hardware sector has been recognised as one of the promising sectors by the government, and technology experts have highlighted the growth prospects of the industry as well.

The government has proposed Rs 1,500 crore-scheme to promote digital transactions in the country, a move that the industry believes will drive adoption of e-payments and e-invoicing. This will also spur demand for allied devices like high-density line matrix printers.

DQ: Explain your innovation strategy. What emerging technologies are you focusing on this year?

Vineet Dixit: When it comes to the adoption of any new technology, Lipi is clearly one of the frontrunners, given technology is core to our business. As the next step in our digital transformation journey, we are focusing on further strengthening our processes through automation at our manufacturing facilities, warehouses and service centres.

We are also looking to leverage AI- and ML-powered analytics in a more process-oriented way to get deeper, actionable insights and better streamline our work processes to improve business productivity further.

DQ: How important is cloud for your business success?

Vineet Dixit: As an organization, we have clocked good business growth in the last few years, but our legacy IT setup wasn’t able to keep pace with our rapid growth.

Cloud, therefore, became a business prerequisite. We wanted to improve business agility, gain better scalability, greater security, improved manageability and superior cost savings with cloud.

After assessing the capabilities of a number of cloud providers, we decided to consolidate our data and applications onto Oracle’s secure, second-generation cloud infrastructure.

DQ: Why did you choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Can you outline the top business benefits realized?

Vineet Dixit: When we started planning our cloud journey, we were on the lookout for a cloud provider that comes with a proven track record in data management and data security.

We realized Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was the best suited option for our business needs. Further, we have also gained autonomous capabilities by moving to OCI. Our users have reported 3X improvement in application performance.

Further, our developers and DBAs are now able to work more efficiently and focus on higher value tasks, unlike before, when they were mostly tied up with routine IT management. Last but not the least, we have also experienced superior cloud economics, achieving 40% more cost savings vis-à-vis our previous IT setup.

DQ: How are you planning to enhance customer experience in the coming months?

Vineet Dixit: We are a customer-centric organisation and deeply focused on enriching the experience for customers. Our service engineers can remotely access our applications uninterruptedly and solve customer issues if any. We will continue to innovate and bring new offerings to our customers to help them improve business productivity and delight their end customers.

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