Adobe announced updates in Premiere Pro & After Effects with new Automatic Tone Mapping

Adobe announced updates in Premiere Pro & After Effects (23.2) that includes new Automatic Tone Mapping in Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

Updates for Premiere Pro and After Effects (23.2) were released this week by Adobe. They include new Automatic Tone Mapping in Premiere Pro, which makes it simpler to work with various types of footage and colour spaces in the same sequence, as well as new OpenColorIO (OCIO) and Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) integration in After Effects.


With the new feature and workflow enhancements included in the February 2023 (23.2) version, you can work more productively in After Effects and create even the smallest elements without sacrificing your creative vision.

The update contains various stability and efficiency improvements as well as support for OpenColorlO (OCIO), which streamlines the ACES workflow.

Premiere Pro: 

  • Automatic Tone Mapping - Simplify workflows and retain consistent colors in a sequence, even with a mix of camera media and color spaces, such as iPhone HLG, other HDR formats, and Log footage.
  • Sequence Locking for Offline Editing – Edit a team project offline without creating conflicting versions of a sequence and check in your edits when you’re back online using the Publish button.
  • Speech to Text - Speech to Text is now available in 16 languages around the world with newly supported languages including Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish. 
  • Reset Options - New launch reset options allow users to automate a previously manual system maintenance and cleanup tasks.  

After Effects:

  • OpenColorIO (OCIO) and Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) Color Management - Production companies and VFX artists can now deliver into a larger post-production pipeline using color-accurate content with native OCIO support, including Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) workflows. 
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