ADI Retail Systems partners with Hyera Software & Advance Research to revolutionize Indian retail

ADI Retail Systems in association with Hyera Software & Advance Research (Italy) launched the CUSTOMER INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY – a one of a kind buyer behavior analysis technology that has the potential to reshape the contours of retail sector in India. The technology is a unique blend of software and hardware will create in-house data for retail brands to know their customers better.

The metrics used in the same will actually allow the retailer to sneak inside the head of its buyer, thus enabling him to offer customized sales practices. The wide plethora of products not only measure customer footfall vis-a-vis conversions with 99% accuracy, but also measures customer’s gender, age, and emotional response towards specific store areas or products. With the help of Hyera Software technology, ADI aims to continuously strive to set benchmarks in the domain of retail displays.


Mr. Anuj Raheja, Business Director, Global Operations, ADI Retail Systems, said, “Customer conversion rates have always been paramount to us and we continually evolve our services to suit their changing needs and expectations. Having attained success in India, especially with our bespoke retail design solutions, we have become aggressive in the international markets as well.”


Luca Anastasia, CEO, Hyera Software & Advance Research said, “The idea of the technology collaboration germinated from the need to connect with retailers of India to experience the new and revolutionary technology in retail sector which will help them to grow and boost their revenue. The technology will offer to a far greater audience as well as create a new breed of retailing system in country. All our innovations till date have revolved around measurement and analysis of customer behavioral patterns and we are sure that this partnership will lay the foundation for an unprecedented data analysis in the Indian retail sector.”


In addition to this, Hyera technologies’ applicability spans from retail brands to large format malls to parking management and even petrol pumps.  Currently the ​technology is largely been​ used in Europe and USA. This association will leverage the strengths of both companies to bring to ADI Retail Systems customers a comprehensive suite of retail software designed to enhance conversion rates.  These products would be exclusively available in India through ADI Retail Systems.