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ACT Fibernet Upgrades Coimbatore’s Broadband Plans 

ACT Fibernet announced upgraded internet broadband plans for residents of Coimbatore. Through the latest upgraded plans ACT Fibernet now offers higher FUP limits, faster internet speed and increased download bandwidth at no additional cost.

Beginning 1st June 2017, the ACT Rush Plan has been upgraded to 25 Mbps speed with new upload and download FUP of 40 GB FUP limit versus its previous offerings of 15Mbps and 25GB FUP limit. ACT Sprint Plan has been upgraded to 40 Mbps speed with upload and download speed of 70 GB FUP limit from 25 Mbps and 50 GB FUP. ACT Race Plan has been upgraded to 60 Mbps speed with 100 GB FUP upload and download speed with limit. Similarly, ACT Zoom Plan and ACT Bolt Plan have been upgraded to 75 Mbps with 150 GB FUP (150 Gb up + 150 GB down) and 100 Mbps with 175 GB FUP (175 Gb up + 175 GB down) respectively.

Speaking on the upgraded plans, Mr. Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd commented, “It is our constant effort to offer the best internet services to our customers and the newly upgraded internet plan will ensure uninterrupted, affordable and reliable broadband services. Further it will free our customers from speed and data inhibitions and open new avenues in the internet and entertainment space”.

The below table captures the upgrades:

  Till 31 MayFrom 01 June
PlanMonthly rental (Rs.)SpeedFUPPost FUP speedSpeedFUPPost FUP speed
ACT Rush79915 Mbps25 GB512 Kbps25 Mbps40 GB512 Kbps
ACT Sprint99925 Mbps50 GB512 Kbps40 Mbps70 GB512 Kbps
ACT Race109940 Mbps75 GB512 Kbps60 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps
ACT Zoom129960 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps75 Mbps150 GB512 Kbps
ACT Bolt149975 Mbps125 GB512 Kbps100 Mbps175 GB512 Kbps
ACT Remarkable2999100 Mbps300 GB2 Mbps100 Mbps350 GB2 Mbps
ACT Exceptional3999125 Mbps400 GB2 Mbps125 Mbps500 GB2 Mbps
ACT Phenomenal4999125 Mbps550 GB2 Mbps125 Mbps650 GB2 Mbps



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