Acer Creates the "Acer Day" Brand Event

New Update

Acer has announced the opening of the "Acer Day" brand event, hoping to bring new energy to the brand through fun interactions with consumers. The press conference scene was embodied by Acer Day's event characteristics and emitted a vibrantly entertaining atmosphere.


Acer will hold the largest annual brand day event, “Acer Day”, on August 3rd. The first transnational event in the Pan Asia Pacific region will kick off with 14 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealandand Vietnam. Andrew Hou, President of Pan Asia Pacific Region, expresses that Acer Day’s grand opening will be on August 3rd. The date was specifically chosen for a hidden purpose: In English, “eight-third” (Aug. 3rd) sounds like “Acer ”. Every August 3rd in the future will be Acer ’s brand day, and will bring fresh brand events to demonstrate Acer ’s creativity and strength. Hope that Acer 's outstanding brand, products, and price can leave a profound impression in the consumers.

Non-stop interactions. Online events to let consumers accumulate knowledge and have a deeper understanding of the brand features.

 The theme of this year’s Acer brand day is “Be Cool Everyday”. Other than hoping consumers can join Acer in the brand event and “Be Cool Everyday”, the concept of Acer’s AeroBlade™ 3D fan is also incorporated. The AeroBlade™ has the world's thinnest metal fan blade, providing advanced aerodynamics and airflow performance to keep the system at a low temperature. Using Acer laptops can also Be Cool Every day.


Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India, said, “This announcement is an exciting initiative from Acer to connect with our customers at multiple levels. Beginning July 21st our fans can log into Acer Day website and play various games to win premium laptops from Acer. At the same time, one can purchase range of PCs and get the best of offers along with It like travel vouchers, premium speakers, extended warranty, easy EMI and security software. Acer Day aims to be an annual event for us to connect, engage and offer our customers the best of technology.

Consumers will collect Cool Points through online challenges. Having more Cool Points will have higher chance of winning prizes. The points can also be used to extend the warranty of specific models purchased during the event. Plentiful online events including memory puzzles, friend sharing, and fun challenges. Acer wishes to close the gap between consumers through this new form of digital interactive marketing, and spread Acer Pan Pacific's four spirits: young, trendy, technology.

The “Acer Day” event website officially kicks off on July 21st (exclude Australia & New Zealand). Consumers can log in with social media accounts to participate. There are a total of 11 challenges for consumers to collect points and play with ease! Starting from August 3rd, the accumulated Cool Points can be exchanged for different amounts of raffle tickets according to the event rates. Prizes include the Swift Series laptops, Predator laptops, and other surprises. Some countries can use the points to the warranty of specific products.

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