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Balanced scorecard system boosts operational efficiency 

Accenture Learning enables workforce performance improvements

l Start-up Year: 2003 l Processes: BPO services
l Employees: 4,000 l Facilities: 5 l Address: IBC Knowledge Park, 4/1, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore 560029 l Tel: 51060000 l Fax: 51060001
l Website:

hiring spree was phenomenal. Accenture’s competencies across its top verticals
sharpened considerably, coupled with the ability to scale up its operations.
Finance and accounting outsourcing solutions, insurance services and HR services
have become mainstays of the business and about 65% of new recruitments into the
BPO operations focused on these areas.

Outsourcing and BPO operations accounted for most of the hirings this year.
By November 2004, Accenture had over 11,000 employees in India, bettering its FY

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