Accenture 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report; Skills to Succeed Initiative Equips More than 1.2 Million People with Job Skills

Accenture has released its 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report, “Making a Measureable Difference,” which explores the company’s progress, performance and goals across its global operations.

The report highlights that, through Skills to Succeed, Accenture and its nonprofit partners have equipped more than 1.2 million people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business since 2010. Looking ahead, the company aims to equip more than 3 million people with these skills by 2020, enable their successful transition into jobs and create lasting solutions to help close global employment gaps.

“With our core values at the heart of our efforts, we collaborate with a range of partners to deliver long-lasting, measurable solutions,” said Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman & CEO. “Against a backdrop of digital transformation, we see an exceptional opportunity to make a difference in the communities where we work and live – from closing employment gaps to advancing client sustainability to accelerating gender equality in the workforce. Although we have created strong momentum, we know that there is still much to do as we tackle the complex sustainability issues and changes ahead.”

Accenture’s 2015 report details the company’s:

US$841 million investment in training and professional development for its people, helping deliver a total of 15 million hours of classroom and digital training – an average of more than 46 hours per employee.
47 percent reduction in per employee carbon emissions since fiscal 2007, toward its goal of 50 percent by the end of fiscal 2020. To date, the company has saved enough CO2 to power the electricity usage of 350,000 North American homes for one year.
New environment goals – By 2020, the company will improve its energy efficiency by 30 percent against its 2007 baseline and expand to 75 percent the percentage of its key suppliers who disclose their targets and actions toward emissions reduction.
Efforts to help develop more than 100 diverse suppliers through its development program. The company aims to reach 170 diverse suppliers by 2020.
“Making a Measurable Difference” also details Accenture’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and to offering an inclusive environment regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. The report includes the company’s goal of growing its percentage of women new hires to at least 40 percent worldwide by 2017.

“This report marks the next chapter in our long and rich tradition in corporate citizenship,” said Jill Huntley, managing director – Global Corporate Citizenship at Accenture. “The dedication of our people and our close collaboration with our partners has always amplified our success, and we look forward to even more momentum.”

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