Acadgild Sees 20% to 30% Increase In Course Takers Post Spike in IT Layoffs

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Acadgild, a Bangalore-based technology education start-up that provides skill-based training, has seen a 20% to 30% spike in its course takers. The increase is in strong correlation to the rise in automation across sectors and also more layoffs in the IT industry. With the IT industry leaning towards automation, there is a growing demand for professionals skilled in the areas of Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cloud computing and Cyber Security, and Blockchain technology. The knowledge that existing working professionals possess is limited to traditional skills which are no longer adequate, and consequently, there is an increasing need to re-skill these professionals. The skill development must evolve to adapt to and keep up with the needs of this dynamic environment.


A surprising trend shows that professionals with about 8 to 10 years of experience from big names such as TCS, CTS, Cisco, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra have been enrolling for these Acadgild courses. Some of the most popular courses in terms of enrollment numbers include Big Data Hadoop and Spark development (55%), Data Science (35%), and Android (10%). Acadgild, through its courses, is enabling employees come to terms with the rapid automation and helping them secure their place in the industry. This includes becoming better qualified with an improved understanding of newer technology and skill sets.

Speaking about this, Vikalp Jain, President and Co-founder, Acadgild, said, “There is an increased need for re-skilling an employee due to automation. To remain relevant in the industry, employees need to be re-skilled on the latest and next-level technology. When it comes to re-skilling, while mid- to senior-level professionals tend to go for management courses to hone their leadership skills, people with less than 10 years of experience tend to look for domain specialization, to add to their skill sets.Our startup has seen a significant increase in the number of students post the layoffs. We provide skill-based training and certification courses which can help professionals adapt to newer technologies and automation. This would help them work alongside technological developments without getting replaced.We have candidates with about 8 to 12 years of experience coming to us with a desire to get re-skilled in latest technologies.”

A recent study from BI intelligence states that a significant amount of cost cutting can be achieved through chatbots in customer service. As per projections, about 45% of people are losing their jobs in India alone. Roughly, about 4, 80,000 jobs are at risk due to automation with a 14% shrinkage in IT employment by 2021.

The current scenario requires professionals to be equipped with the required knowledge to contribute to the organisation in different ways. They also need to stay abreast with technological advancements, differentiate outliers from real path-breaking trends, and equip themselves to work alongside it without getting lost. Acadgild not only helps them with this but also with developing the right attitude and mindset about technological advancements such that they can make themselves marketable in every possible way in the industry.

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