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AAM Group expands its operations to India

AAM Group,a leading spatial information technology provider today announced their expansion into India. At a ceremony held in the city, AAM Group entered a partnership with Srinivasa Murthy to create AAM India.

Talking to the media after signing the partnership agreement Mark Freeburn, Global CEO, AAM Group, said, “AAM is the largest geospatial mapping business in our Region which spans Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Joining hands with Mr. Murthy and creating AAM India furthers our aspirations and capabilities in Asia, with offices in India, Singapore and Malaysia. The new entity will focus its energies to provide excellence in data acquisition, processing and delivery across the geospatial spectrum. We will provide 3D City models,similar to the AAM produced models for Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong, to broad area geospatial informationat a state wide level to assist with infrastructure, urban design planning, and the National Land Records Modernization Programme.  We plan to work with other Indian geospatial companies to provide a new level of technology to support India’s growth”.

Outlining the plans going forward for the entity, Srinivasa Murthy, President and Executive Director AAM India, said, “given the focus on smart city planning, infrastructure development, and land record modernization by the Indian government, we are looking at a huge growth opportunity. I have assembled a leading team, combining the top management of SkyeITS, the technology business I founded 6years ago, with some of the best talent available in the Indian spatial community. The expertise and experience of AAM Group will play a huge role in maximizing the exciting opportunities in front of us, to rapidlybecome one of India’s largest and most respected geospatial players”.

“The partnershipwill not only bring in leading edge technology but will also bring in investments that will aid in ramping up the infrastructural needs and manpower”, added Mr. Murthy.

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