A Winning Ticket

India’s activities are based on IT solutions and offerings, especially, the
Itz Cash System. It has automated several of its business processes such as card
activation, redemption of Playwin lottery’s winnings below Rs 5,000, card
printing, transaction reconciliation and handling customer queries.

The impact of IT has been manifold. Card activation was enhanced to reduce
errors. The card printing data was encrypted and the card dispatch process was
optimized. Impact of IT on product development led to creation of complete
system specs, besides design, coding and testing.

Prakash Pawar
CIO, Intrex India 
Process Category Award

Intrex made use of Web services internally to perform key system tasks. They
are also used to integrate with external systems such as the Playwin lottery
system. Itz Credit Cards come various denominations-from Rs 250 to Rs 10,000.
It is unique as it provides an alternative to credit and debit cards to
consumers for e-commerce, m-commerce and IVR-commerce applications. Intrex
integrated the Itz Cash Card with 7575 for accepting payments via SMS. This is
among the first-ever implementations of true m-commerce in India.

The Itz Cash Card can be used over the SMS, telephone and over the Internet.
Intrex has developed a payment gateway as a mechanism for online transactions.
The flow is similar to that used by banks/credit card companies.

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