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Customer demand will be

the key driver of non-linear growth. Affirming this statement, href="">Pramod

Bhasin, CEO, href="">Genpact,

says "Approximately 20-30% of businesses

are based on customer demand."

Reminding of the


, CEO and Managing Director, href="">Infosys


says, "Apart from response to customer demand, even market place

trends will drive non-linear growth. These changes will be felt over

the long run say three years and not in a short span of time say a

quarter. Even clients are looking for outcome based pricing. The

whole change of business classification is what we can term as

non-linear growth and we are prepared to capitalise on it."


Apart from success even

inovation is the key term that drives the growth figures. "Indian
companies are extraordinarily innovative and at the same time are

recording growth figures. In the next 10 years, we have to transform

from the old fashion of functionality to a better selling and

marketing concern," adds Bhasin. Going a step further,

Gopalakrishnan, adds, "Innovative and creative desicions in a

planned manner can be incorporated in a company, but being worldclass

emphasises the need to be worldclass across all functions."

When functions of a

company are the highlight, the challenge is to change proactively.
The world is expected to be more volatile and hence companies are

expected to change and also take desicions in anticipation of events,

in order to move ahead. "Considering such a scenario, small

companies are the best capable entities to adapt and bring fresh

ideas, opines href="">Girish

Paranjpe, Joint CEO, href="">Wipro


A lot of embedded

related activities may be carried out in India and also a lot Indian

companies may have applied for href="">patents

but there still remains a

bigger challenge. Highlighting on this aspect Bhasin reflects, "Apart

from that the Indian market is exploding and the challenge now is how

Indian companies can help in providing healthcare services and

education at the fraction of the cost and also penerate the

unpenetrated segments."