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Started in Mumbai in 2005, Barbeque Nation is now spread across twelve cities

in India. With this backdrop the everyday running of the restaurant faced

difficulties from an IT perspective due to the disparate and heterogeneous silo

systems, resulting in duplication of data, decreased productivity and overall

slowness in responding to customer orders and requests.


Biz Challenges

With ambitious pan-India and global expansion plans, and with a target of

100 restaurants by 2012, Barbeque Nation needed a more proactive IT backbone

that could go with its business requirements. The functional challenges like

managing a single order across multiple kitchens, extensive offers and schemes

specifically for the hospitality industry, linking of table reservations to PoS

and data replication and consolidation in an environment where restaurants are

geographically spread across in India. As a bottom-line the biggest challenge at

Barbeque Nation was to track consumption and wastage of material across all

kitchens in a single restaurant.

LS Hospitality, that was deployed by Dynamic Vertical Solutions, provided

Barbeque Nation with an end to end solution from PoS to head office. LS

Hospitality is a flexible solution for the hospitality industry with

account/stock module meshed as a single solution thereby enabling users to

leverage the custom specific processes by tweaking the solution to their unique


LS Hospitality is very economical and

does not need much hardware resources
Rakhee Nagpal, founder & MD, DVS

Says Sandesh Khandelwal, deputy GM commercial and projects, Barbeque Nation,

"We are very pleased with the LS Hospitality solution. The facility of defining

account schedules, inventory analysis reports as per the users choice provides a

very strong tool for analysis of the data. The software is very economical and

does not need much hardware resources." Adds Ashish Upadhyay, assistant manager,

IT, Barbeque Nation, "The solution is very user friendly and minimizes

dependency of the technical staff. The degree of customization this solution

offered enabled us to align it with our requirements."

The deployment of this hospitality solution by a mid-sized business entity

such as Barbeque Nation shows how IT can usher in defined changes when the core

solution is built on a flexible platform so that users can do the process

specific tweaking and derive greater benefits. In the case of this enterprise

they derived a range of benefits like multiple location consumption accounting,

a replenishment system tuned to its business model, meal planning across

multiple kitchensfor instance the head chef plans for the day and it is

distributed to each respective kitchen on the basis of recipes. Other benefits

like location wise purchase price and reservation functionalities greatly

improved the restaurants efficiencies in meeting the business challenges and

the service levels.

Rakhee Nagpal, DVS founder and managing director sums it up, "We are happy to

have partnered with Barbeque Nation in this successful implementation. Barbeque

Nation is a company poised for growth and as a technology partner, it was our

responsibility to provide them with a localized solution that would do away with

the dissimilarity in the existing system."

Shrikanth G