A peep into Kamasutras Virtual Sex Hangout

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The word KamaSutra always had a minimum guaranty of building a brand image.

And now, the KamaSutra condom brand has come out with a website that speaks more

boldly and frankly about the matters between the sheets. Of course, such talks

can get them an aroused buyer especially as the product is a contraceptive.


The website, which is aimed at tapping the growing digital

market, has youngsters occupying a major chunk of the online traffic, says a

report that appeared on the exchange4media website.

Though most of the content are adults only in nature, the creators of the

site have taken extreme care to help young professionals avoid getting caught

red-handed by their bosses while reading such content.


For instance, if you are reading some love-making tips when your boss

suddenly appears behind your chair, you could simply press page down button on

your keyboard and the website will pop up a more sober page explaining how to

be more efficient at work.

For a sensitive category like condoms, we decided to use the digital/virtual

medium for brand engagement with consumers as it allows us to connect with them

personally and in private to communicate our brand messages, says Ranju Kumar

Mohan, director, sales and marketing, JK Ansell, which owns the KamaSutra brand.

Mohan was quoted as saying in the exchange4media report, Kamalounge was

conceptualized as a virtual hangout for people. The site is designed to engage

and retain consumers through specially designed interactions at every level. The

layout is exploratory, ensuring a high level of consumer interaction and



On the relevance of such a website for the Indian market, Mohan explains that

since India is a young country, reaching out to youngsters and promoting the

concept of condom usage was imperative.

Since young consumers are very active in this medium, a website like will go a long way in engaging them to interact with the category

and the brand, he expresses confidence. is all about sex and condoms. Its approach seems to have

started paying off as it has hooked a lot of young people and made a powerful

brand impression on their minds, using a lot of interactive zones and sections,

exchange4media report says.

One of such sections: How to do it is unique in its content as it not only

elaborates on how to have safe sex, but also on what a condom is all about.

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