A Peek into Solution Infini’s journey and how it addresses SMS marketing’s core challenges

Solution Infini is an SMS service provider company which gives messages and voice communication service to its customers. With this they aim to improve the communication experience for both the customers and the business owners as it helps in taking informed decisions and add a lot of value to their business strategies. The company started with a low investment of Rs. 8 Lakh and has been successful as a zero debt company which helps them take independent decisions of great value.

Aniketh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Solution Infini claims that the company is the largest platform for SMS voice and email service and they provide scalable API’s to businesses which in turn helps them reduce cost and give effective communication to their customers. This is a win-win situation for both the customers as they get quality of service in terms of platform capabilities as well as service delivery and business enterprises get increased visibility among new and targeted customers.

The company uses both online and offline platform to interact with customers to understand their requirement verticals. It is an all-time customer centric company which endevours for TAT in terms of both quality and service delivery.

“In today’s time we have been noticing that Chatbots, App Nofication, Contextual Customer Campaign, Voice TTS are the emerging trends in this sector. Technology is being improvised for automated mechanisms and higher reliability for platforms with customised solutions being designed specifically in correspondence with business requirements”, Jain said.

Recently, the company received a strategic investment from an Italian Company Ubiquity. “Our acquisition will focus on Asia Pacific Market and been awarded fourth time in a row by Deloitte Technology Fast50 in India. We are expecting a growth in revenue by $ 25 mn by March 2017”, he adds.

He concluded by saying “our aim is to grow with diversifying into new product lines which can help businesses to communicate better. Solutions Infini aspires to be one of the best Cloud Platform as a Service (CPaas). Our company plan for next five years is to acquire more than 20,000 customers across Asia, setup global offices. We can see ourselves as a full-fledged global communication solutions provider in the years to come”.

The company’s plan is to gain customer’s loyalty through efficient and effective customer assistance and to be on time regarding delivery of services. They have some renowned customers such as OLA, Practo, Federal Bank, Flipkart, AirAsia, Vijaya Bank, Swiggy, etc.

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