A must-watch virtual event for the future of education

If you are associated with educational institutions in any way, especially engineering colleges, then you must catch the Dataquest T-School Higher Education Conference & Awards 2021 will take place on Friday (November 26) with the theme Empowering the NextGen. This will feature exciting sessions and panels from universities, institutions, and industry participants.

The last couple of years have been disruptive for each and every industry and the education sector was no different. Educational institutions had to change the way they ran things, the teachers the way they taught and the students their entire learning process. 

But the educational institutions are the harbingers of tomorrow, and they have to be prepared before everyone else for the brave new world out there. Technology will play a big role in all of this and that is why such events, talks and discussions are important to find solutions and make roadmaps for the era to come.

Online educational collaboration tools, online examination methods, Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytic Tools, and continuous upskilling. This will all go to make our higher education ready for the world of tomorrow and the students ready for the job of tomorrow.

For those who are not aware, this is part of the Dataquest T School which connects the engineering college ecosystem with the IT industry and policy makers. Our research partner CyberMedia Research surveys more than a thousand engineering colleges to come up with their Top 100. This is one of the most referred surveys by aspiring engineering students, HR leaders and Learning & Development experts within the Indian tech industry. Under this programme, Dataquest organizes webinars, workshops, and dialogues throughout the year.

For more information on the event visit the official website, and to watch the event click here.

List of partners…

Platinum Partner Juniper Networks

Gold Partner IBM

Cybersecurity Partner Fortinet

Academia Partner Apeejay Education

Research Partner CM

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