A lot of our innovations come from small players

What is your vision for telecom service providers?
The service providers industry is going through a radical transformation.
They have transformed from providing only voice into enablers of an e-society,
which means access to not only voice but to the Internet, e-commerce, and other
digital media as well. Our vision is that service providers should become key
enablers of transformation of the society into an electronic society.

How has the operation support system (OSS) evolved over the years?
Traditionally, OSS focused on the creation and management of voice
communication services like public switched network, voice networks, handsets,
etc. Though now, corresponding to the transformation of service providers into
digital and Internet-based medium, the same thing happens with OSS. They have to
transform not only the way they provide operation systems and business support
of voice systems, but also have to provide a support system for IP and digital

What are the challenges faced by government run telcos?
The big challenge facing governments is the rapid changing environment with
evolution and development of new technologies and products. The challenge for
governments is to create an infrastructure that is adaptable to changes, with
sound financial management and that services are profitable. The main reason for
this is the increase in the number of private telecos.

Most of your customers are small service providers. What is the reason
behind it?
We have big customers like AT&T. What makes us unique is that we create a
global model which is adaptable for both large and small players.

A lot of innovation happens in the smaller companies as they take up things
quickly and specifically. Small players innovate to compete in specific market
segments, and we get both types of innovation. And with time, small players will
become big, and big players will follow the smaller players. So, a lot of our
innovations and advancements come from what the small players are doing.

Pradeesh Chandran

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