A doodle salute for Sally Ride

In celebration of Sally Ride’s 64th birthday,  Google is  fortunate enough to have animator Nate Swinehart create another Behind The Doodle short to share a bit more about Sally’s life and the making of the doodle.

As the first American woman in space, Sally Ride—who would have been 64 today—captured the nation’s imagination as a symbol of the ability of women to break barriers. But her historic flight represented just one aspect of a remarkable and multifaceted life. She was also a physicist, a science writer, and an inspirational advocate for keeping kids excited about science as they go through school.

Sally’s sense of fun and adventure, and her ability to inspire young people. And who knows—maybe her Doodle will motivate some girl or boy somewhere in the world to become a scientist and adventurer just like Sally.

Five animated GIFs on Google’s American homepage today.

gd 5
gd 4
gd 3
gd 1
gd 2

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