A Digital Receipts Wallet, Park Your Bills Launched

Park Your Bills, as claimed in the company press release, is a Unique Digital Receipts Wallet with a list of inbuilt features that would just add delight to over all shopping experience and yet make an Intelligent and Organized Shopper. Digital Receipt technology is easy to integrate and works well with any retailer. While the solution comes along with a billing solution/POS but its interface is also easy to integrate with any POS company

More than 35% of the shopper’s opt. for e-receipts now. It’s just not about saving money or going paperless but has a lot more reasons that helps transform into a Smart Shopper.

Go Green is everywhere these days, starting from office, to the news, politics, fashion, and even technology. Go Green is the mantra of future and the cause can be supported each day with simple choices, Go Digital with Park Your Bills. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed, it’s also not difficult to begin making a positive impact in the lives as well as the environment. Park Your Bills, helps Go Digital and enhance the overall spending experience by not only helping save paper by not opting for paper bills but also creating an overall organized lifestyle by helping digitalize overall spending pattern.

So just a simple choice of opting for a Digital bill would not only help embrace a greener lifestyle but also help with host of features provided by Park Your Bills.

The main features of Park your bills includes the Warranty Alerts, Exchange, Medical Reimbursement, Healthcare, Taxation, Budgeting, Offers. It’s just not about saving money or going paperless but has a lot more reasons that help to transform into a Smart Shopper.

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