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New Update

In April 2010, when Zandu will complete its merger with the FMCG giant Emami

in terms of IT implementation and usage, things would certainly change. However,

Pankaj Parikh, corporate IT manager, Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works is well

prepared ahead to deal with any such changes, and especially to inculcate and

integrate users of the non-IT organization.


Even though both the companies are using the same ERP solution (SAP), Emami

has a much wider IT infrastructure, thanks to its presence in various verticals

like bio labs, FMCG, etc. This will prove to be both a challenge and an

opportunity for Parikh, wherein he can leverage his skills and provide an

efficient IT work process to end users. The company spends a huge sum on

research and development to constantly introduce, upgrade and standardize their

products. The recent budget that proposes an increased weighted deduction of up

to 200% on in-house R&D expenses is also a positive move.

Pankaj Parikh, corporate IT manager, Zandu Pharmaceuticals


Emami is a cosmetics company, while Zandu is more towards

Ayurveda. The quality control and standards for the new entity will be a big

challenge as Emami follows a different set of standard practices

Challenges Ahead

From April 2010, Zandu will be merged with Emami with 75% stake in Zandu

Pharmaceuticals taken over by Emami. With this merger, Parikh has a huge task at

hand of how to manage the standard practices that are followed in Emami. Says

Parikh, "The quality control and standards of Emami have to be followed which is

one of the biggest challenges considering that Emami is a cosmetics company,

while Zandu is more inclined towards Ayurveda." The company for the last eight

years has been using the Linux OS due to reasons such as varied solutions

offered by the OS as well as the use of proxy servers for Internet accessibility

and controlling the websites. Another challenge according to him is that

learning newer technologies especially by users in a non-IT organization is

difficult since most of the users are comfortable with the legacy technologies.


Achievements so Far

One of the major achievements for Parikh has been the successful deployment

of enterprise solutions and proper infrastructure to support the organization.

SAP ERP was his choice as it practically covers everything except for preparing

special reports. Realizing how learning curve has become an important yet

difficult criteria to achieve while educating users at Zanduright from the

computer hardware to the application of SAP ERPParikh started providing

training to users as most employees were not tech savvy.

The Virtual Promoters

Zandu has given a lot of importance to virtualization. The company has IBM
iSeries A400, and all the SAP work processes are on A400. Many of the benefits

yielded by the company include reduction in power consumption, cost factor, use

of just one IBM iSeries box, and the ease and manageability of work processes. A

sincere believer in the philosophy that technology should only be deployed when

it is useful and not just for the sake of deploying, Parikh stresses that all

users need to imbibe certain technical skills so as to adapt to the new working

environment and conditions.

PC Suraj