A Balanced Act

Uttar Pradesh has witnessed moderate improvements in
delivery of government services on account of e-Governance initiatives.

Besides filing of income tax returns, UP does well in
perceived improvements in state transport services, utility services such as
water and power, and healthcare services for citizens. All processes related to
land-sale, purchase, registration, enquiry regarding ownership-are, however,
pain areas.

Pradesh: Quick Facts
166 mn
238,566 sq km
of Engineering Students*: 0.18
Subscribers*: 0.7
of PCs*: 1.4

*per 1000 population

Healthcare and Power utility service and support
Filing of tax returns
Weaknesses: Registration of land, State transport
Police and security

For corporates, income tax dept procedures, sales and
service tax, and water utility emerged as strength areas. Pain areas: police and
security related services, financial assistance, and judicial services.

In terms of quality and availability of IT-based services,
I-T department shows maximum improvements, while sales tax department shows
maximum improvements for corporate.

Computerization has already taken place in State Treasuries
and land records department. A public grievance redressal system called Lokvani
has also been set up.  In the
pipeline are web-enabling the stamp and registration facilities in all
departments; e-Suvidha on the lines of e-Seva at Lucknow; computer literacy in
rural areas; an online file tracking system and back office digitization of
various government offices

Uttaranchal’s perceived improvements on account of
e-Governance initiatives are uniformly average, with even the scores of strength
areas like state transport, healthcare and water utility for citizen services
hovering around a mere 60 points. Judicial services are a pain area for both
citizens and corporates. Income tax dept functioning and financial assistance
for small-scale entrepreneurs are the strength areas in terms of services
rendered to corporates.

Quick Facts
8.5 mn
53,566 sq km
of Engineering Students*: 0.29
Subscribers*: 2.3
of PCs*: 1.8

*per 1000 population

State transport services, Healthcare
Filing of tax returns and claims
Weaknesses: Executing sale/purchase of land/property
Judicial service

Unlike other states, e-initiatives by the municipal
corporations show maximum perceived improvements in terms of quality and
availability of services for corporate respondents. The e-initiatives by the
income tax department show maximum improvement in the quality of services for
citizens, while e-initiatives in state transport show the most improvements in
availability of services for citizens. The key benefit to corporates is the ease
of getting documents to conduct overseas business and for citizens the key
benefit is in the overall clarity in rules, procedures and regulations.

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