91% of Indian Businesses Realize That Use of Software is Key for Digital Transformation: Study

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 CA Technologies has launched the Modern Software Factory survey confirming the growing strategic importance of software development for organizations to succeed. Indian businesses recognize software as the defining competitive advantage that will enable them to create new, disruptive businesses or to re-shape their existing business landscape. In fact, 91% of the respondents highlighted software as key to their digital transformation journey.


Software is the Critical Enabler of Business Value Today

According to the Modern Software Factory research titled “Don't Let an Outdated Software Strategy Hold You Back”, an overwhelming 97% of respondents from India cited software as being key to driving growth and expansion. 92% of them stated that software is key for them to create new products or services to enter new markets.

In fact, organizations in India also saw software as essential to support key business priorities:

  • 93% of respondents said software is essential for them to deliver a better customer experience.
  • 92% said it is essential to improving insights into customers’ needs and wants.
  • 90% said it is essential for repositioning the company and its brand.

“Digital disruption and changing customer expectations are driving organizations to become more agile, and to introduce new products and services frequently to meet evolving demands. Software is not only a catalyst in transforming ideas into outcomes, but is also a competitive differentiator” said Sunil Manglore, Managing Director, CA Technologies, India. “By adopting the modern software factory framework, organizations are better able to speed-up time to market, consistently improve the quality of output, reduce risk and increase productivity.”

Gaps Between Software Priorities and Capabilities


As firms in India become cognizant of the decisive role that software plays in facilitating key business priorities, the survey also found that there is a corresponding emphasis in software-related priorities. 99% of respondents highlighted that it is essential or important to have better prioritization of software development in line with business goals. Although this is seen as the most important priority in India, less than half of them (47%) said their IT teams are very effective in realizing it. Other key discrepancies between software priorities and capabilities revealed in the study include:

Respondents stating these priorities are key for business improvement. Respondents stating their IT teams are very effective in achieving these priorities.
Making security a more embedded part of the software development process. 95% 41%
Designing applications and systems with improved quality and consistency. 90% 37%
Gaining greater insight into customer needs to improve app performance and responsiveness. 97% 42%

Although software is indisputably pivotal for the growth of companies, the survey found that most organizations are lacking the right IT capabilities. This hampers their ability to develop and deliver software needed to support their business needs.

By tapping into the power of agility, automation, customer insights and security, software savvy companies hold clear advantages over their peers as they can build and deliver new experiences, while turning ideas into real-world solutions at maximum velocity,” said Sunil Manglore. “Organizations in India need to understand that every company today is a software company. Without a modern approach to software, they will be left behind in today’s application economy.”

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