8 innovative enterprise mobility use cases by Indian enterprises

The pervasive nature and impact of mobile-enabled solutions can be seen across Indian enterprises, with organizations leveraging mobility to fuel new business models and transform traditional processes. While there are a number of use cases of enterprise mobility, few initiatives stand out. Dataquest takes a look at eight such companies that are reaping concrete business benefits with their mobility initiatives. Enterprise mobility in Indian organizations has come a long way in the last decade. It is no longer being used just to provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate data to employees. And it is no longer being used only by large organizations. Organizations of all sizes are now accelerating their mobility drive and leveraging the mobile platform innovatively for creating new business opportunities, bringing in process efficiencies, enhancing customer service, reducing cost, etc. In fact, use cases of mobility today are only limited by imagination. While the scope of enterprise mobility is huge, there are a few companies that are ahead of the pack and driving innovation with mobility. We take a detailed look at eight such innovative projects led by Indian enterprises.


BNP Paribas: Enabling Trading Anytime, Anywhere

Geojit BNP Paribas gained the first-mover in online and mobile trading by launching a mobile trading platform for real-time market watch, quotes, market-by-price, etc. FLIP mobile trading platform lets customers connect to various markets, through brokers’ order routing network, using mobile devices or PDAs.

“FLIP Mobile Edition is a new-generation mobile trading application. It lets you execute trades through your mobile devices, on multiple exchanges, dealing with multiple instruments simultaneously,” says A Balakrishnan, MD, Geojit Technologies.

The implementation of mobile application has accelerated the growth of self-service and self-directed transactions. “We have achieved a significant market share in the mobile application usage and transactions. As of now, per day volume through mobile has reached to `200 crore. Also, over 25,000 unique clients login per day via mobile,” informs Balakrishnan.

Further, the company’s mobile platform offers live support and technical and exchange-relevant assistance.

Mr. A. balakrishnanOur per day volume through mobile has reached to `200 crore and over 25,000 unique clients login per day via mobile —A Balakrishnan, MD, Geojit Technologies.


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